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This section of the web-site will be updated as required and will include a listing of my engagements, conference attendances, pending articles, future plans or other areas of interest.
BTME January 2011
GCMA seminar on Wednesday 19th January at Harrogate. Presentation ‘Roles & Responsibilities’ of a Course Manager’.
Contact Gill Bridle, GCMA 01934 641166
One Day Workshops
A number of these are planned during Autumn & Winter in conjunction with the GTC. Details have yet to be arranged.
Contact turfmasterone@aol.com or David Golding GTC 01347 838640
Pitchcare website
Monthly Golf Diary article, which started in June 2009. Each edition is available on-line at the start of the month.
15 articles have been produced to date on golf course maintenance and are available to download FOC.
Contact Laurence Gale, Pitchcare 01902 440260
The ‘Golf Course Maintenance Manual’
This has been translated into Dutch language and will be ‘launched’ via the NVG during September 2010.
Copies in English will still be sold from the EGU or by the EGCOA in Europe. Laurence will be attending the launch
which is scheduled to be held at Kenemer GC in Holland on the 22nd September 2010.
Golf has probably kept more people sane than psychiatrists.
Harvey Penick
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